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Monkees As Comfort Music

I guess I am what you might call a 2nd generation fan of The Monkees - some of my earliest memories are of watching the show when they were in syndication in the early 70's. The first album I can remember ever asking for (and getting) was the 8-track for The Monkees Greatest Hits (the gold & orange cover) and I wore that tape out. My interest in them disappeared around the time of the demise of the 8-track & for years I couldn't place where that image of the bed... on wheels... on a city street with men in long nightshirts came from... then in the mid 80's MTV did the 1st Monkee Marathon & I was re-hooked.

Over time I got every album (LPs so I could make my own cassette mixes!) and got to the point where I knew every breath in every song. I knew it was bad when I was able to ID which version of Pleasant Valley Sunday was on the radio by the sound of the "t" in "The local rock group down the street" but it was mine & when friends would ask "who's that" playing in my car stereo, I could open their eyes, ears & minds to these great songs.

The CD revolution happened after I got married & I was slow (cheap) to make the transition - one Xmas I got the Listen to the Band box set & that was great. When I heard that they had the alternate version of Mommy & Daddy on the CD release of The Monkees Present, I bought that... and well, that's about all I've done with the CDs...

But as with most things in my life, I had the box set & it faded into the background. Other CDs came & took center stage... thought The Monkees are always on my lists of favorites, for the last ten years I haven't listened nearly as often as I once did.

Now back to the subject at hand...

I find that the times where I do listen are often times of personal stress. If I'm driving late at night & need to stay alert, I'll pop in a CD. If I'm having a fight with someone or work is making me crazy, I'll listen to a few songs.

There's something about the comfort of knowing every song so well and of knowing that they really did have so many hidden gems in all the great music that was ignored beyond I'm a Believer.

For the last week I've been in crazy-crisis mode & I've been rotating the box set CDs & now I'm cranky for some of the songs that are not on there. Peter Percival Patterson's Pet Pig Porky, Magnolia Simms, Shorty Blackwell & Zilch...

I've gone onto Amazon & see all of the extra tracks...

I think I need to invest in the entire CD catalog.

This music is better than chicken soup or hot chocolate.
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