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Hey guys, I'm Allie. Sorry this isn't Monkees-specific, but I'm a dedicated fan (For life!!), and I'm a writer for this site. My goal is to get the word out about bands/artists that I think you guys would dig too :) I figure who's better to ask for music than those the obviously already love the best :-P


Required Listening, the first interactive music
webzine that features both indie and major artists,
was introduced on the world wide web on September 1st.

The site, found at
was created to give the opportunity to see independent and
major artists in CD reviews, concert reviews and to
give feedback through a forum. (Have an album out? Let us review it! Have a favorite band
you want the world to know about? Tell us in the forum!)

The sections include: Features, News, Local Calendar
of Concerts (right now only NYC), Free Concert Guide
(only NYC), Album Reviews, Concert Reviews, 5-Star
Classic Albums, BYRNED (a comedic monthly column), an
Unsigned Artists section (features 2-3 artists a
month), and a monthly changing College Scene. In
fact, the College Scene section is written by current

RL was designed to be an interactive site to get music
stories, reviews, upcoming calendar and news all in
one location.

Please check out the site (often! It'll be updated weekly), and send us any questions you
may have.
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