Nessa (nesserz193) wrote in hereiammummyman,

HI :)

Ok, so I just joined this community about a minute ago. This is the first community I've actually joined!! All the other ones are kind of intimidating.

ANYWAY, my name is Nessa, and I'm a 16 year old Monkee fan. I've been completely OBSESSED with the Monkees for about a year or two. My favorite is Mike, because he was so gosh darn hot back in the day (and because he's just plain awesome). Anyway, my favorite Monkee song changes every 5 minutes, but at this moment, it's Regional Girl. Asking me to choose a favorite episode would be a little too difficult.

And so, that's me :)

I'm a really friendly (but shy) person, so feel free to talk to me :)
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