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Oh, hi! I'm new!

Hello my fellow people! How are ya?

Well, I'm a Monkee fan since... Let's see... Two months? Really short time, right? But, I'm already the proud owner of 36 Monkees videos (all on my precious Computer) and I also have the movie Head on VHS here on my house! (it cost me 90 bucks, but, anyway...).

Favorite Monkee? Though question... Probably the ones at the top are Peter and Davy! I love Peter because, I'm just like him (air-head) and I like Davy because he acts so cool and so "I'm-very-sexy" even though he has 5"3'! It's wonderful! And, because I LOVE british people!

Favorite song? OK, I like a very unknow and difeferent one: Do Not Ask For Love (Prithee)! This song is... pretty! (sorry about the word joke!).

Well, That's it! Oh, and I just posted some comments about "Head" on my own journal. There's just a little swearing, but nothing too heavy! Go there, read, and care to leave a comment!

Bye Bye for now and remember: "Nobody ever lends money to a man with a sense of humor."!
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