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Hi, my name is Tiffani! I was just browsing for monkee stuff and came across this live journal and decided to join! I really don't know how this livejournal stuff works so bear with me...
Here is a little about myself....I am from Indiana and I am 20 years old. oh yeah and my name "antsmarching41" is my 2 fav. Dave Matthews songs. I'm a HUGE Dave fan. My two loves in life are Dave and the Monkees, and well Michael Jackson, (his old self), and Kieran Culkin because he's just so hott....anyway... I've been a monkee fan since I was about 15. I can't really remember how i actually became a fan. I know my friend Katie liked them, so it might have been because of her. Her fav. was Davy, and mine has always been Peter. Well, the first episode I had ever seen was "Davy and Fern" so he was my favortie for about 2 episodes because they were all about him, but then after watching more, Peter became my fav! I can't really say I have a second fav. because I like them all the same, except Peter, I just love him! I think it's because he's all about love and peace and no violence and i just ADORE that! I feel like i have some kind of connection to him because of it. I don't know...everything I find out about him I'm just amazed how much I think like him! anyway... My mom's friend had some connection with Rhino and she got me 19 of the episodes on video tapes! So my brother, sister and I watched them over and over again, and we also watched the episodes on tv when they put them back on the air for a while in like 2000, just before the "Daydream Believers" movie came out...and then Head came on tv, and I loved it! It was so hilarious to me. :) But anyway, after a while I kinda died down on being a fan for a couple of years( I KNOW! I'm ashamed :( ) because basically I hadn't seen very much of the show, and only had a couple of cd's because I was a poor 15 year old..haha. But a few months ago, my brother and I had nothing to do so we decided to watch "Fairy Tale" which had always been our favorite episode and we were laughing so hard! Then I quickly was reminded how much I loved them! So, I just recently bought both seasons on ebay, and some other stuff! So ROCK ON!! I hope to meet a lot of people on here and make friends! thanks for reading! Peace out!
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